Mission Statement

“MCF provides quality affordable housing and services that support, value and respect the needs of seniors and our community.”



“Our vision is to be leaders who help everyone stay, thrive and be connected in our small-town community.”



We are responsive to the current and future needs of our community 

We actively work to keep our understanding of the needs, opportunities and challenges of our community and our sector.  We are constantly seeking the most accurate information about trends and developments and are committed to addressing current and future realities in both responsible and innovative ways.  

We are community-focused, and are engaged listeners and communicators 

We recognize that our success is a direct reflection of the partnerships that we have with all our stakeholders – including our residents, their families, our staff, our service partners, and the communities we serve – and we actively demonstrate that awareness through fair and open partnerships with our stakeholders, and through clearly communicating the valuable role that the foundation plays in the community.  

We ensure all people feel welcome in all our facilities, programs and services 

We are committed to ensuring that all our client and partner interactions are respectful and fair, and that they actively and transparently demonstrate commitment to principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.


Directors and Management

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is responsible to carry forward the business planning, policies and strategies under the direction of the Board of Directors. Under the direction of the CAO the department managers, administration and maintenance teams look after the day to day operations of Silver Willow Lodge, Kilmorie Place and Oxley Manor.

The commitment of the Board of Directors is to demonstrate ethical and professional conduct and maintain responsibility of the Management team and confidence of the membership of the public. The Board of Directors implements and ensures the management body carries out the powers, duties and functions assigned to it under the act. The Board develops and evaluates the policies, completion of strategies and action of business planning and policy direction to the managers and administrators.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of 6 members as described in the Ministerial Order. The Board governs the operations of the foundation in accordance with the foundation’s policies and MD of Willow Creek, MD of Ranchlands, and the Town of Nanton.

Current Board of Directors  

  • Jennifer Handley – Chair
  • Leigh McNeill – Vice Chair
  • Evan Berger
  • Harry Streeter
  • Robert Elliott
  • Sheena Taggart


The Mosquito Creek Foundation is a management body that incorporated in 1995; it is comprised of 6 board members and approximately 40 staff (plus Alberta Health Services staffing). The Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to safe, secure housing of seniors located in the communities of Nanton and Stavely in the MD of Willow Creek, in southern Alberta.

Mosquito Creek Foundation owns and operates the Silver Willow Lodge in Nanton which was originally built in 1977. In 1984 the Foundation assumed management of Seniors Self Contained Housing at Kilmorie Place and Oxley Manor in 1995; both buildings are registered under the Alberta Housing Act.

An addition to the Silver Willow Lodge was completed in May 2009 and is classed as a designated supportive living facility (DSL) regulated by Alberta Health Services. This facility boasts nice one bedroom units and 21 studio rooms, bringing the total to 30 rooms and the building as a whole to 81 units.