In House Assessment

Non-Medical Assessments are conducted to find the resident’s and/or residency candidates functioning capabilities, to identify their needs and to determine what services are required to assist them in maintaining optimum independence.
Medical Assessments are an expanded version of Non-Medical Assessments, as they are more thorough in examining and identifying health conditions, levels of care required, and appropriate medical interventions.
In both situations, assessors may review subsidization possibilities, develop Care Plans, make referrals, and arrange for optimal care.
Mosquito Creek Foundation is proud to provide seniors in the community of Nanton with a noon meal that is prepared by our kitchen staff in the Silver Willow Lodge. The Meals on Wheels program was approved by Alberta Home Care Service. Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) arranges and provides the program with volunteer drivers for delivery of these meals throughout the community 7 days a week.

General Info on Nanton & Visitor Information:

Health & Wellness Services Listing

  • High River Hospital 403.652.2200
  • Nanton Drug Store 403.646.2166
  • Nanton Medical Clinic 403.646.2218
  • Optometrist, Eyes 360 403.646.3200
  • Chiropractor, Dr C Granson 403.646.2911
  • Chiropractor, Dr G Liscombe 403.646.3111
  • Nanton Dental Clinic 403.646.2465
  • Family & Community Services 403.646.2436
  • Beltone Hearing 403.252.5582
  • Foothills Hearing 403.652.7718
  • Medi Gas 403.236.2166
  • Vital Aire 1.800.704.2473


  • St Cecilia’s Catholic Church 403.646.2464
  • Christ’s Church Anglican 403.646.2726
  • United Church of Canada 403.646.2941
  • Church of Christ 403.646.2822

Foundation/Facility Services

  • On Site Health Aide
  • On Site Nursing Staff
  • Independent Living
  • Individualized Levels of Care
  • Meals on Wheels